How Much Do Cremation Urns Cost?

By: James Donofrio
Monday, November 28, 2022

Numerous factors have contributed to the rise in the popularity of cremation over burial, including individual preference, environmental responsibility, and financial considerations. Following a cremation, the family can collect the remains and place them in cremation urns or another container of their choice.

A few families keep the urn in their homes, while others bury it in their gardens or cemeteries. Others place the urn in a columbarium, which is a building that is often found on the premises of graveyards and funeral homes. We at Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home are devoted to being open and honest about our services and pricing in order to serve our community better.

Costs Of Cremation Urns

There are numerous factors to consider when planning a funeral. After deciding on cremation, the issue of an appropriate urn arises. Prices can vary significantly due to the wide variety of urns available. Keep in mind that the cost of the urn will vary depending on various factors such as its size, material, design, and so on.

The total cost of a long-lasting, full-size urn is $129. (plus tax). Customization and additional decorative elements enable a vast array of available alternatives. Eco-friendly urns priced between $70 and $200 are becoming increasingly popular.

The Different Types Of Cremation Urns 

The funeral director can give you all the information you need about cremation urns, such as the materials used to make them, the various styles available, and the prices. The following are a few options available:

If you intend to display the urn prominently, such as in your home or office, you should consider buying a pricier urn.

Suppose you want to keep some of the ashes close by but can't afford a more elaborate memorial urn. In that case, a keepsake urn made of ceramic or another inexpensive material may be the best option. The ashes that remain are scattered in a special location, and a small portion is kept in a keepsake urn.

Keepsakes are commonly used to hold the cremains of infants and young children because of the small number of ashes they can carry. Price-wise, keepsake urns are much more reasonable than their full-size counterparts.

With this information at your disposal, you will be able to make an informed decision about a cremation urn that is suitable for both you and your loved ones. For details about cremation urns and our other funeral services or assistance with pre-planning a funeral, contact Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home via the email address or number mentioned on this page.

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