Jewish Funeral Customs

For questions or concerns regarding rights & customs of Jewish Burials please contact Nask Gohn Chevra Kadisha Vaad of Queens at (718) 849-9700

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We hold the sanctity of the Jewish soul and tradition in the highest regard. From Reform to Conservative to Orthodox, our staff will accommodate all customs - your wishes will be adhered to.


The deceased should be guarded by a Jewish person until the burial.  This person is called a Shomer (guard).  This role may be filled by family members, friends, or by members of the Chevra Kadisha. The family or funeral home can also hire someone to serve as a Shomer. One may alternate with the Shomer and take turns.

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Before the funeral, the body of the deceased is prepared for burial by the Chevra Kadisha in accordance with Jewish law and tradition. This includes the traditional washing and dressing of the deceased while certain prayers are recited and placing the body in a kosher casket. Men attend to men, and women to women.